Ice Castles in Eden Prairie, MN

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Disclosure: I received passes in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

I’ve never really liked winter very much. I always find it to be to cold and I can never find anything to do. I’ve always thought summer was the best because you could go outside and find so much to do. That was until I found out about the Ice Castles.

My husband, kids and I recently went to the Ice Castles in Eden Prairie, MN. It was absolutely beautiful. We went through the ice tunnels, down some of the ice slides, went through mazes and even saw some characters from the movie Frozen.


My daughters loved the seats they had made from ice.


They even had this really neat chair.


They even had a waterfall. That was amazing to see. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I thought it was a wonderful touch to the Ice Castles.


Olaf was found sitting on top of the ice.


Anna and Elsa were in a frozen ball.


Sven was also in a frozen ball.


Even Superman was frozen inside a ball.


The tunnels were fun to go through. My daughters had a blast going through all the tunnels. It’s a lot easier for the kids to get through, so adults may have to duck your head down so you don’t hit the top.

WP_20150223_15_37_06_Pro (1)

I would have to say that the slides were my daughters favorite part. They enjoyed going down the slides made from ice. It was a whole different experience for them. What kid wouldn’t like going down an ice slide?! Right?!


This was one of my favorite photos I captured. You can see how all the icicles are hanging. Just being able to capture all these photos was amazing. I could walk around the Ice Castle for hours if it wasn’t so cold.

On certain days they have certain performances. We went on a Monday, so we were not able to see any of these, but if you have the chance, I’d definitely go. I have heard that weekends get busy, so be prepared to stand in line for a while.


Fire Performances:

  • Friday and Saturday’s
  • Sundays of Holiday Weekends: January 17 & February 15
  • Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  • Enjoy a high energy fire show! They will amaze you with a versatile and unique show using many different manipulation props including fire-breathing, spinning, hula


Enchanted Frozen Sisters

Ice princesses will be greeting guests at the Ice Castles on the below schedule:

  • Thursdays:  3-6pm*
  • Saturdays: 12-3pm*
  • Sundays:  2-6pm*

Princess appearances will take place for the first 40 minutes of the hour, and then they will take a 20 minute break to warm up.  Please be patient and understanding with this need.

*Appearances are weather dependent.  On very cold days appearance times may be shortened or canceled.


This was such an amazing experience for my family and I. They also have three other locations in Lincoln, New Hampshire, Stratton, Vermont and Midway, Utah. If you ever have the chance to go I would highly recommend going to the Ice Castles. Your family will love it!

You can save $2 off tickets with the coupon code “awesome ice.”

Disclosure: I received passes in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. That first picture reminds of the structure that was built in the animation, Frozen. It’s super fun to go through the tunnels as it feels like you’re in a different world altogether. 🙂

    • There are only four in the U.S. I hope there is one near you. Otherwise if you’re ever in the area of one I would definitely recommend checking it out.

  2. HeHehe how fun! We have an ice castle here in WNY but it was negative a million the weekend it was up so I didn’t wanna take my two year old out in that weather. Sad we missed it 🙁

    • Hopefully you can go soon. I wanted to go over the weekend but it was cold as well. Luckily my daughter didn’t have school so we were able to go on a Monday.

  3. I’m shivering in my shoes! My grands would love going down those ice slides. Of course, we have nothing like that down south. 🙂 Looks like so much fun for the entire family.

    • That’s to bad there isn’t one in your area. I wish they had more spread out. Hopefully if you’re ever in the area of one of them you’ll be able to check those out.

  4. We live in a city that gets a lot of snow, and right now, with our flip-floppy weather, the ice has taken over. Large, gorgeous icicles everywhere. A sight to see. I would have loved to see a completely frozen waterfall…that sounds magical. That tunnel is soooo cool!

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