Blue’s Clues Get Clued Into School Pack DVD’s

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Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

Do your children enjoy watching shows on Nickelodeon? My daughters love most of the shows on Nickelodeon. There are a lot I could name that they love to watch. One of those is called Blue’s Clues.

Have your kids ever seen Blue’s Clues? I was recently provided with the Blue’s Clues Get Clued Into School Pack on DVD to review. This DVD comes with the following episodes:


Alphabet Power

  • The Power of the Alphabet
  • The Alphabet Train
  • Let’s Write!
  • Magenta’s Messages

Special Features

  • Doodle, Doodle… Spell! Game
  • Nicktrition Tips for Kids
  • Blue’s Room Spots

Blue Takes You To School

  • Blue Takes You to School
  • Numbers Everywhere!
  • Blue’s ABCs: Pre-reading
  • Math

Special Features

  • Blue’s School Search Game
  • Oobi: Bathtub

Shapes and Colors

  • Shape Searchers
  • Colors Everywhere!
  • Adventures in Art
  • What Does Blue Want to Make?

Special Features

  • Parents’ Guide: Color and Shape Searchers Game
  • Oobi: Dance


This movie actually comes with three DVD’s. Each of them are about different types of things. I love that Blue’s Clues is very educational, especially with these movies. One of my daughters is in Kindergarten and the other starts Preschool in the Fall. That means my youngest will be able to learn a lot from these Blue’s Clues movies.

Mercades is my daughter in Kindergarten and Tesla is my daughter that starts school in the Fall. Mercades already knows about all her numbers, shapes, colors and letters. Tesla is learning about her numbers and letters now. I’ve been teaching her about them so that when she goes to school she’ll know some of them. She already knows her colors and shapes.


I really like that these Blue’s Clues DVD’s can help Tesla learn her letters. The alphabet can be very confusing at first. There are so many letters to learn. I’m just glad that she is able to enjoy Blue’s Clues and be able to learn her letters from it as well.

If your kids love Blue’s Clues or even if they have never seen it before, I’d recommend this DVD package. They’ll be able to learn a lot about education. Watch for this movie when it arrives on March 10th on DVD.

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. There’s Blue! We’ve been wondering where she was… haven’t seen it on TV in forever!! We’re big Blues Clues fans over here.

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