Diet to Go

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Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.


Have you been trying to eat healthier? I’m always tried to find good food that is healthy as well. It’s not always easy finding something that’s healthy and actually tastes good. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get meals delivered right to your home?

With Diet to Go you’re able to get meals delivered right to your home. You can choose from three different meal plans. They have the traditional, vegetarian and low-carb plans. They provide meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also choose between having the 5 day plan or the 7 day plan.

I was provided with two days of meals to review. I was able to get breakfast, lunch and dinner for the two days. I was able to choose the meals myself and I was even able to mix up the plans instead of getting just traditional, vegetarian or low-carb. I thought that was very nice of them to be able to do that.

I’m not looking to lose any weight unless it’s maybe 5 lbs. I mainly wanted to try to keep myself as healthy as possible. I wanted to be able to try out the meals to see whether I liked them or not. They were very delicious too.


Dinner: Beef steak with vegetables and sauce.


Lunch: A turkey reuben sandwich with russian dressing, mushroom & artichoke salad and a citrus fruit cup.


Breakfast: A Peachy keen muffin, apple butter and Greek yogurt.


Breakfast: Waffles, peaches and apples in syrup.


Dinner: Chicken parmesan meal.


Lunch: Italian style stuffed potato meal.


Breakfast: Quiche, spinach and sausage.

These were all of the meals that I was provided with to review. I believe their should have just been six, but they must have put in an extra one. I thought that was nice of them. The beef steak with vegetables and sauce was one of my favorite meals. The steak was so delicious. I couldn’t believe how good something that was healthy could be. It was very easy soft and easy to chew. I loved that about it.

They did an amazing job with all of the food. It’s nice to be able to try out a plan like this and actually be able to enjoy it as well. It was an awesome experience.


If you’re looking to eat healthier, I would highly recommend Diet to Go. You can use the coupon code DTGA136 to get 25% off your first meal order. That’s a huge savings! I hope you’re able to try it out and tell me about your experience.

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.


  1. I tried a similar service once and found that actually plating the food (taking it out of the tray) made me feel fuller and helped me enjoy the meal more. I often skip meals so Diet To Go is great for people like me.

  2. That looks really great! One of the things that I have big trouble with when I’m trying to eat healthy is portion and the time to make it.

  3. Eating healthier is so key, but I am never creative or patient enough to cook right and plan. These meals look amazing and what an easy way to eat well! Plus, I love that many of the foods are thing I know I would enjoy, but probably wouldn’t make!

  4. I have been thinking about doing something like this for a bit now. I need all the help I can get and a delivery sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This actually looks like tasty food! So many programs have flavorless food leaving you to eat off the plan – doesn’t sound like the case with Diet to Go

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