barkTHINS Snacking Chocolate

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Disclosure: I received this in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.
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Do you love dark chocolate? I’m normally not a fan of dark chocolate, but I have found some that I really enjoy. I usually like dark chocolate that has something more with it besides just the chocolate. If you’re looking for a great dark chocolate snack, than I have the perfect solution for you.


barkTHINS are a great dark chocolate snack. They start by sourcing only the finest fair-trade dark chocolate from sustainable suppliers. Then they pack it with quality non-GMO ingredients (think pretzels, almonds, and peppermint). I love that they added some other ingredients like the pretzels and peppermint! They make them taste very good. I love having other products in my chocolate because I believe that it makes them taste better. I’m not a big fan of eating pure chocolate. I love them more with other products.


Dark Chocolate Pretzel were my favorite. I love the salty taste of pretzels along with the dark chocolate. They were a perfect combination. They were both sweet and salty.


The Dark Chocolate Mint is perfect for those that love mint. This was made with peppermint. I love mint, so these were very delicious to me. Peppermint and chocolate make a great combination.


Blueberry Quinoa with Agave was another of my favorites. I love the taste of blueberry even though I don’t like blueberries. I’m not a huge fan of quinoa, but I couldn’t really taste them in here, so I still loved these. These would be on my top list for my favorites out of all the others I tried. I like the blueberry flavor in just about every food.


Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut tasted just like coconut with some dark chocolate of course. I’m not a big fan of coconut, but I thought these were good. If you love the taste of coconut, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy these.


I love pumpkin seeds. When I tried the Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed barkTHINS I thought they were very good. This was another one of my favorite ones. It was actually a very interesting taste that I really loved. I never would have thought about adding pumpkin seeds.

I was very satisfied with this products. I would definitely recommend the barkTHINS to anyone is loves dark chocolate. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not usually a fan of dark chocolate, but I did enjoy these. If you’re looking for a different twist on chocolate than I’d recommend you try out the barkTHINS.

Disclosure: I received this in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


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