“I Love Lucy” on DVD-April 28th

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Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

Are you looking for a great Mother’s Day gift for someone? It can be tough finding the perfect gift. Most of the time everyone loves to get flowers, going out to eat or some chocolate for Mother’s Day. How about getting something different this year. Does your special someone love “I Love Lucy”? If so, then this DVD would be a great gift.

I was sent the “I Love Lucy” DVD to review. I Love Lucy was around years ago. I remember my parents would watch this show, and even as a kid, I enjoyed it. This was one of my favorite old-time shows. It’s nice that they came back out with some of the episodes so we can all relive them. 


This DVD comes with the following 4 episodes:

  • Lucy is Enceinte (original airdate 12/8/52) Lucy needs to tell Ricky she’s pregnant, but after several failed attempts, a desperate Lucy realizes that she’s faced with a choice: either tell him soon or “wait and let the baby tell him.” So she visits the club and slips the headwaiter a note for Ricky during his performance.
  • Lucy Goes to the Hospital (original airdate 1/19/53) The baby is due any minute and to help calm Ricky’s nerves, everyone smoothly rehearses the moment when Lucy will have to go to the hospital. She gets there all right, but then Ricky has to rush off to open his new show. When he gets a call in the middle of his number, he hurries back to the hospital, still in heavy “voodoo” makeup, to see his new baby.
  • No Children Allowed (original airdate 4/20/53) Little Ricky’s crying bothers Mrs. Trumbull upstairs, who threatens to move out. The landlord, Ethel, is undaunted and explains that her friendship with the Ricardos is more important than money. But Ethel’s constant recounting of the story becomes tedious to Lucy, and a bitter battle erupts between the two friends.
  • Nursery School (original airdate 12/5/55) Lucy can’t bear to be separated from Little Ricky, but Ricky Sr. is adamant: their son must start nursery school. All goes well-until Little Ricky gets sick and “Nurse Lucy” decides to take charge.



If you know someone who loves “I Love Lucy”, then this would make a great gift for them this Mother’s Day. This DVD comes out on April 28th, so make sure to pick up your own copy then. 

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. This would be such a perfect Mother’s Day gift for my Mother-in-Law. I wouldn’t have thought of it without your nudge either so sending over a great big thank you!

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