Paddys Bathroom Giveaway

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This is a promotional post for Paddy’s Bathroom products. Opinions are my own

Do you know what excites me as a Mom? It is that finding natural and organic products for my family seems so much easier now then it was even just a year or two ago! I get so excited when a brand like Paddy’s Bathroom products for my son that is certified organic and natural become available in stores like Target. I want healthy products for my family, but the nearest major health store is over 30 minutes away and when I get there I pay a fortune. Consumers want healthy and I feel that retailers understand this a lot better now.

Paddy’s Bathroom not only is easily available, but their website is so much fun! Have you heard of the natural brand, Ella’s Kitchen? Same founder and family! There are 10 fun games that my 7 year old loves that all involve bubbles and bath. They even have an app and how thoughtful is that so the kids can play these fun games and be inspired to get clean at bath time?
There are 5 certified organic and natural products to choose from and I have tried them all and promise you and your kids will love them! The packaging is so fun and they store well this way.

  • Squirty Stuff Hair & Body Wash in Juicy Pineapple and Squishy Mangoes
  • Stuff for Hands Hand Soap in Squeaky Clean Lemons
  • Bubbly Stuff Bubble Bath in Tangy Tangerines
  • Stuff for Shiny Hair Shampoo in Squeezy Lemons

But here is my most favorite thing about Paddy’s bathroom…it is all explained in the video below!

Head over-you and your kids will LOVE their website-
The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win the Paddy’s Bathroom products and a $50 Target gift card! Enter below. Open to US and ends on 7/13. Good luck!


  1. I am intrigued by their efforts to help other countries. It says they, give 50 US cents for every single product we sell toward clean water initiatives that help families in Africa. Awesome company!

  2. I am intrigued by the Paddy’s game page. Not only is their products 63% organic + 98% natural, they are geared towards children’s needs. Their Drop Buy Drop program also gears towards helping children in Africa! I LOVE companies who give back!!!

  3. I am intrigued by their stuff for soft hair. I love that it is all natural. I would love to,find something that will actually work on my girls’ hair.

  4. I am intrigued that they use organic, all natural, non- gmo ingredients! It’s very important to our family to use organic/ non gmo in most of the things we eat, use on our body or in our home!

  5. I’M intrigued by the octopus using the organic and natural shampoo and I love that the company gives back.

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