Create-A-Maze & Tumble Trax From Learning Resources

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Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.
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When I’m looking for something that can educate my children, then I always go to Learning Resources. My daughters are growing fast, and I want to make sure they are well-educated and have fun with it as well. This is why I always turn to Learning Resources for their products. They have a lot of products that are great for learning skills, hand/eye coordination, role-playing and so much more.


I was recently provided with two of their products. They sent along the Create-A-Maze and Tumble Trax. Get ready to test out your children’s skills with these products. They can be challenging, so if your kids are up for a challenge, then let them try out these two great products. My daughters have been having a lot of fun with the both of them.


Create-A-Maze is a great challenging product. You’re able to come up with your own maze and there are marbles that have to go through the maze. It can become very difficult for children, so you may have to try to help them out too.


My daughters had a lot of fun with the maze. It was very challenging for them, so I was able to help them through it. You have to rock the maze to get the marble to go the right way. It does have a piece on the button that will make it even more challenging. The maze actually balances on this piece to make it even harder.


It’s definitely fun to play around with. It comes with all sorts of different shapes and colors to set up your maze. There are some end pieces that will catch the marble at the end. This is where you hope your marble will land.


Tumble Trax was very exciting for my daughters. They loved that they could come up with their own design and have the marble roll down it and in to the “box”. You can use all the magnetic pieces and stick them anywhere that will hold a magnet and start coming up with a design that the marble can roll down. You’re going to want to make sure they line up properly or the marble isn’t going to end up in the “box”.


My daughters and I love coming up with different ways to get the marble to run down and in to the end “box”. They’ve done a wonderful job doing this themselves too. They definitely know how to keep them lined up so that the marble ends in the “box”. We use our chest freezer to play with the Tumble Trax. It works out great and there is a lot of space.


My daughters and I love this product a lot. We like that you can mix it all up to create different patterns for the marble to roll down. They do come with cards that show how to make some patterns, but we love coming up with them on our own.

If you have children that love a great challenge, than I would highly recommend these products. My daughters and really enjoyed these products. We hope that you’ll love them as much as we do.

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 



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