Ballon Bonanza

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I have seen the Balloon Bonanza on T.V. and always wondered whether this product would really work or not. I’ve been searching stores for them and could never find them until recently. I finally found them at Walmart, and my mother in law wanted to buy them for my kids. They were about $10 for the package and it comes with three colors. They have yellow, blue and red. Each one comes with 40 balloons which is a total of 120.



We hooked them up to the hose and let them get full of water. We made sure to have a tub about half full of water. This helps when the water balloons fall down. I have to say that the water balloons were a lot smaller than we had hoped. Some of them had holes in them as well. Even when we started throwing them we noticed that some of them wouldn’t pop. You had to throw them pretty hard to get them to pop.

You can check out my video below when my daughters and I filled them up. When I was taking the video everything seemed good, but after the fact I don’t think I would buy these ever. I didn’t like the fact that they were so small and some had holes in them. I also didn’t like that they didn’t pop very easily when you threw them.

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