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Nowadays, patients are able to treat most of medical problems that are affecting their body. Pharmaceutical industry has evolved up to a point where it is possible to alter almost any process within the body. Among other things, cosmetic medicine has shown enormous progress in last 20 years. We have traveled a long way from crude esthetic surgeries to botox treatments. By using injectable procedures, patient is able to eliminate wrinkles and folds that are appearing on his face and retain youthful appearance.

Aging is the main reason for appearance of different imperfections. Wrinkles and folds start showing during thirties, reminding us that our cells have limited life span. Process of aging is caused by loss of organic matter leading to complete loss of tissue functionality. Skin will lose nutrients such as elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid resulting in low elasticity, loss of volume and moist. Process itself is irreversible. Like most other things within our body, there is no chance to alter inner process and restore function to skin. Simply put, when organism loses its ability to produce certain matter, there is nothing we can do. Luckily, treatments such as botox allow us to artificially impact skin and make necessary changes that will restore youthfulness to our skin.

Botox drugs are based on botulinum toxin. This substance is known as the most devastating toxin in the world. However, through process of purification and by using it in reduced dose, it can serve as a valuable drug. This medicine is used for forehead and corners of the eyes. Botulinum toxin relaxes muscles within the skin that are otherwise creating wrinkles. Substance keep muscles relaxed and skin stretched. Furthermore, this effect is permanent during whole duration of drug. Even if you are moving your facial muscles, there will be no skin reaction.

There are many positive things regarding botox treatment. Unlike surgical procedures, this process is non-invasive. Furthermore, side effects are usually minimal. There are still certain disputes regarding long term effect of botulinum toxin on the skin. Some doctors regard it a harmful matter which body cannot process. On the other hand, most of the medical experts, such as Doctor Medica team, perceive this process as a quite natural way of treating wrinkles and folds.

Today, there are various drugs used for this particular treatment. Although somewhat new, Bocouture has shown excellent results so far. By using this medicine, patient is able to remove wrinkles that are positioned on the upper parts of the face. Botox treatment is a very quick one. It usually doesn’t take more than 20 minutes for doctor to administer the drug. When it comes to Bocouture, medicine can last up to 8 months within a body. After that, organism will absorb it naturally.

Before patient can use this drug, it is necessary to consult the doctor if he has bleeding disorders, weakness or decreased muscle volume, swallowing difficulties, if he is expecting a surgery or if patient had recent botox injection. All of these issues can pose a problem during treatment so it is necessary to approach the matter with proper caution.

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