$20 Family Fill Up at KFC

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Disclosure: I received gift cards in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.
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Do you ever find yourself not feeling up to cooking dinner? I’m sure most of us have had these days where we just don’t want to cook. With school back in session, you’re probably trying to motivate your kids to get back in to the school routine. My kids don’t always like getting up early, and most of the time they’re still very tired when they have to get up. Even with my kids being gone most of the day at school, I find myself not always wanting to cook dinner.


KFC has this great $20 Family Fill Up. It comes with eight pieces of the Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken, two large orders of mashed potatoes and gravy, one large coleslaw, and four biscuits. All of that for only $20! When you’re feeling like you don’t want to cook, KFC has got you covered. This is a great family dinner for a family of four, and could even feed more than that.


I actually received some gift cards so that I could try out the Family Fill Up with my family. It has been years since I have been to KFC. I don’t know why I never went sooner. I have always loved KFC and thought they had the best chicken, so you could imagine how excited I was to be able to go again and try out their food. I definitely wish I wouldn’t have waited all these years to go because after trying the food, I remembered why I always loved KFC. I actually took my father and my two daughters with me so we could enjoy a meal. I thought it would be a nice treat to bring my father out to eat and my daughters always love to go out.

Once we did get to the restaurant, we did notice that the floors were messy and the tables were dirty as well. I do think that they were very busy though. There were a decent amount of people there and people kept showing up. Although I wish they would have taken some time to clean up around the restaurant. Even the garbage’s were starting to overflow. Other than that, the service was wonderful. The lady behind the counter was very nice, and it’s always great to have great customer service.


The chicken was definitely as delicious as I remembered it. KFC has always been my favorite place to get fried chicken from. They make it taste so great! They let us get either the original chicken or the crispy chicken. We asked for half and half and they were nice enough to allow us to do that. The chicken was very tender and juicy, just the way I love it. The extra crispy has more of a crunchy taste to it since it’s crispier. The original recipe chicken is seasoned with their secret blend of 11 herbs & spices and then hand breaded all day long by a certified cook. Both of these types of chicken are amazing. They even have grilled chicken as well.


Everything was absolutely delicious. I forgot how great KFC’s food was. I’m so glad I was able to go and try out their food. Everything tasted just like homemade food. The mashed potatoes were one of my favorites because of how soft they were. The gravy made them taste even better. KFC’s mashed potatoes are definitely the best ones I had before. I don’t think I’ve ever tried such soft mashed potatoes before. I know they’re usually always soft, but these were extremely soft and creamy. My daughters favorites were the mashed potatoes and biscuits. The biscuits were very warm and flaky. My father and I loved the biscuits with honey. It made them taste even better. Coleslaw usually tastes the same to me, but for some reason this coleslaw tasted even better than the kinds I usually eat. It must have been their signature dressing that made it taste even better.


We had some extra money left on the gift cards, so we bought some cookies and soda as well. My daughters got some fruit punch and they loved it. They certainly loved those cookies too. They were very warm, soft and delicious. I’ve never seen them love cookies so much! Of course just about everyone loves cookies, but they kept wanting more of these.


Overall our experience was wonderful! We were all satisfied with the food and will be going back again. This was the first time both of my daughters have been to KFC and they loved it. It’s always great to be able to take the kids out somewhere they can actually enjoy. We can’t wait to go back again.

Disclosure: I received gift cards in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


      • I think the $5 fill ups are a much better buy. First you get variety for the same $20. You can choose between a chicken breast, a drumstick and thigh, 3 chicken tenders, a pot pie, a bowl, or popcorn nuggets. They all come with a biscuit a larger mashed potatoes and gravy a cookie and 3 of them come with a drink. so you buy 4 of these add variety and you spend the same amount.

  1. I haven’t had KFC in several years, ever since we moved here. I need to find a location and get in on that $20 deal. You can’t beat that price!

  2. We love KFC in our house. And with all the food you get in the meal deals, it’s enough to feed our big family and have leftovers! It’s a nice change from me cooking!

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