#PlayLikeHasbro Hottest Toys for the Holidays

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Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

Do your kids enjoying playing with their toys and with games? I own a lot of Hasbro items. We love this brand in our family. We have a lot of their games and toys. This is one of my families favorite brands. We love that they come out with some of the best products. They always come up with something amazing.


I received some of these great products from Hasbro. We received the game Pie Face!, Trouble, DohVinci spin studio and Nerf Rebelle arrow revolution bow.


My daughters had fun with the Nerf Rebelle Arrow Revolution. This is a great option for those that love shooting bow and arrows. I think it’s great for kids so that they can practice for the real thing. The darts are very soft, but you still want to be careful with them. I would recommend aiming at a target, and not at people. It’s easy enough for kids to hold and shoot the arrows. My kids haven’t had too much difficulty using this. Sometimes they’ll need some help, but they can do a lot of it on their own.


Have you ever played Trouble? I use to play this game a lot when I was a kid. Now I get to enjoy playing the game with my daughters. This is one of their favorite games as well. I think they love to “pop the bubble” so that the dice rolls. You get to move your pieces around the board, and the one that gets all of theirs home first wins the game. It’s actually a very simple game to play.


DohVinci was something very different for us. My kids love doing all kinds of arts and crafts, so this was a great item for them. They had a lot of fun being able to decorate some of the vases. The base of this product will spin around, which makes it easier to decorate the vases. It also lights up a couple different colors or it will flash a color. The lights make it a lot easier to see while you’re decorating. My daughters had a lot of fun with these projects. They loved all the colors of the doh. You can always buy extra doh if you run out too.


I’m sure by now you have all heard about the game Pie Face. This game can be very hilarious and make you nervous at the same time. With this game you put some whipped cream on the hand and spin the spinner. The number determines how many times you crank the bars. At some point in the game the hand will fly up and hit someone in the face with the whipped cream. Have you seen some of the videos for this game? I have seen plenty, and they’re all very funny. I think it’s really fun to play this game around the holidays. It’s a great way to have a laugh with your family.

Hasbro has some great products for kids. I think they make wonderful holiday gifts as well. Do you own any Hasbro products? Have you bought any this year for someone for the holidays?

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 

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