Doctor on Demand Can Help During This Cold & Flu Season

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Doctors on Demand. I was compensated for this post. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

Have you ever needed to go to the doctor but you just can’t get there or you don’t have the time? I hate going to the doctor and having to sit and wait forever. It takes a while just to get your appointment started, and then sometimes it takes even longer just to see the doctor. Maybe you have children and you have to bring them with, so it becomes a hassle too. There are many reasons I can think of that make it hard for me to get to the doctors.

I’m a mother of two daughters, and it can get busy around here. This time of season everyone is starting to get a cold or the flu. It’s just that time of year when it’s going around. When my daughters get sick I don’t always need to take them in, but it would be nice to see if there were anything they could do to help them. With Doctor on Demand you can see a doctor over the computer, tablet or cell phone.


It’s very simple to get your appointment scheduled. You can set up an account and get started right away. You can choose from medical, pediatrics, psychology or pregnancy & newborns. It will cost $40 for 15 minutes. I do have a coupon code that you can use for your very first visit. You can use the code KATHYSAVINGS to get your first visit free.


The next step is simple. You just have to click on apply a coupon and use KATHYSAVINGS and it should show up as free. This will make sure that your first visit will be free! Then you can click on ok, let’s go and it will bring you up to the next step.


They have some questions for you to answer to help make it easier for your visit. You don’t have to answer any of the questions, but it does make things go a lot quicker. I would actually recommend you do fill this out because things will go quicker for you and run smoothly. At least this way the doctor will know what’s going on and you don’t have to sit and explain a bunch of things and waste your 15 minutes of time. This way they’ll know a bit about what is going on.


Next you can confirm your visit and get ready to talk with a doctor. I love that you have the option to speak to someone over your computer/phone/tablet. It’s nice not to be have to go to the hospital and have to wait forever to actually see the doctor. With Doctor on Demand you can see a doctor right away from the comfort of your home.

With the cold & flu season going on right now, this is a great option to talk to someone. I would rather use the Doctor on Demand service than go to see a doctor in person. With being sick so much this year, this is a perfect choice for my family. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone from your home and get ideas on what you can do to help yourself get better during this cold & flu season.

I would highly recommend using Doctor on Demand when looking to speak to a doctor without the hassle of going to the hospital. It’s a wonderful service with great doctors.





Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Doctors on Demand. I was compensated for this post. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. This sounds like a great service. I would definitely use it if I couldn’t get out of the house to see my actual doctor for some reason.

  2. I hate to go out, especially when I’m sick. I’ve been using Doctor on Demand for a while now, and I couldn’t be happier with the level of care and NOT having to go outside.

  3. I actually used Doctor on Demand a while ago for a sinus infection. It was so cool. The Doctor not only called in an RX, but she had tons of advice to help me since I tend to get them a lot.

  4. I just love the idea of doctor on demand. I hate taking my kids to the doctors when I have an issue, in a germ filled waiting room. No thanks, would much rather do this!

  5. I love doctor on demand. What a great post. I have used them a few times now. they even call your prescrption right to your pharmacy

  6. Doctor On Demand is a perfect app for someone like me without a vehicle. It is so much easier to just use the app than to try to get a ride to the doctors sometimes when friends and family are busy.

  7. I just used doctor on demand not too long ago for the first time. I had a free credit and well, I never wanna go to a real doctor ever again now lol…

  8. That is a really cool service. I just might try this. Last time we went into our pedi office we all came home with the stomach flu.

  9. Do they prescribe or just diagnose/consult? I have always wondered about these ‘online doctor’ type of services as I don’t understand how they work.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

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