Prepare for the Big Game With These #GameDayTraditions

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This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. All the opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. 

Can you believe the Big Game is coming up soon!? I can’t believe football season is almost over already. The Big Game is always a big thing for us. We always have some family and friends over to watch the game. It doesn’t matter if our team isn’t in the Superbowl or not, we still have a great time. It’s fun to watch the game and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Did your team make it to the Big Game? Will you be rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos? My team didn’t make it to the Big Game, but I believe I’ll be rooting for the Panthers to win the Big Game. I thought they had an amazing season.


With company coming over for the big game, you have to make sure to be ready and have all the products you need. Walmart has some great P&G products that will help you out during the game. Your guests will most likely have to use the bathroom, so Charmin toilet paper is a wonderful option for that. I’m sure there will be a mess during the game as well, so using Bounty paper towels works out great. Also with all the food going around, you’re going to use dishes, so why not grab some Cascade or Dawn dish soap to clean up those dirty dishes. You’ll find so many great P&G products at Walmart. What are some of your favorite P&G products?



I know that most people focus a lot on the food for the Big Game. There are a lot more things to focus on then just the food though. How about focusing on yourself as well. Make sure you look your best for when all your guests arrive. I always try to look my best when I have people coming over or if I’m going out. All of the products I received are great for getting ready for the big game. The Covergirl mascara is great for your eyes. It can really make your lashes pop out. The toothbrush and toothpaste will work great and keeping your teeth nice and clean as well as having a fresh smelling breath.


Mascara is one of the few items of makeup that I actually love to use. This Covergirl lashblast volume mascara is great for the Big Game. This mascara has 100% more volume and it’s Covergirl’s biggest brush ever! This will make your eyelashes really stand out during the game! Who knows, you may even have someone compliment you on your lashes!



Making sure to brush your teeth to keep them clean is something I do every day. It may be even more important to keep them clean during the Big Game day. This Oral B tooth-brush removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. The Crest Pro Healthy Advanced toothpaste makes healthier gums and stronger teeth from day one. When you’re cheering on your team, you’re going to want fresh breath and nice clean teeth.



Gillette Fusion Proglide is a great razor for anyone. You may think it’s targeted more towards men, but for me it’s not. This is Gillette’s thinnest, finest razor blades for less tug and pull. I don’t know about you, but I hate shaving my legs and having the razor pull or tug when you’re trying to shave. It even has a flexball technology for maximum contact. This is definitely a great razor to have to shave off all that unwanted hair.


One of my favorite things to make during game day, is a dip for chip. Everyone loves eating chips during the game, so having a great dips is always something I try to have. This cheesy salsa chip dip recipe is extremely easy to make. It only has three ingredients!


  • 32 oz. Velveeta Cheese (block)
  • 2 16 oz jars of Salsa (your choice of brand..I used Pace.)
  • 2 lbs. Hamburger

Instructions: Fry up the hamburger. In a large pot put the two cans of salsa and the cheese together until it’s melted. Add in the hamburger when it’s done. That’s it! It’s a very simple recipe and my family loves it! I hope you enjoy it as well. This will make enough for a get together or party. It’s not meant to be for just a couple of people so if you don’t want to much make sure to cut the recipe in half.

Are you ready for the Big Game? Who will you be rooting for? I mentioned earlier that I’d love for the Carolina Panthers to win this because of how well they have done this season, but it doesn’t really matter to me who wins this game. I just love to be around friends and family enjoying watching the game.

Do you have any game day traditions? Share them with me below!

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. All the opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. Every year, we get together with our friends to watch the big game and of course enjoy some delicious food. I know that I will be wearing my Covergirl Mascara on game day. I just love their mascara especially their waterproof one.

  2. I love that Oral B toothbrush!! I have a similar one, Oral B brand, and it is the best thing ever!! My teeth have never felt cleaner!

  3. I can appreciate your post but have to admit that when it comes to the Big Game, all we focus on is food! We all dress super comfortable and have a family party so appearances don’t really matter to us. Still, great food for thought!

    • I know food is huge for most people. It seems that it’s always been about the food, but there are many other things to focus on as well.

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