Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood-Super Daniel!

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Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

Do you have children that enjoy watching the shows on PBS Kids? I have two daughters and they recently got in to watching PBS Kids. I think they have some wonderful shows on this channel to. They’re always great educational ones too. Any show that is educational and my daughters can learn from is a show that I enjoy letting them watch.

One of the shows that my girls love to watch is Daniel Tiger. They could watch this show all the time and still love it. I was recently sent the Daniel Tiger Super Daniel DVD to review. My girls were very excited when it arrived and they watched it right away. This DVD includes the following episodes:

Super Daniel!

Daniel and Grandpère are at home pretending to be superheroes when Daniel notices that Dad has forgotten to take his lunch to work with him. He and Grandpère take Dad’s lunchbox to the Clock Factory, and Daniel uses his imagination to have several super adventures along the way.


Goodnight Daniel” (BONUS STORY)

Tonight, Daniel is pretending to be Super Daniel! But after dinner, he has to follow his nighttime routine even though he would rather play. Young viewers follow Daniel as he gets ready for bed and eventually learns that even superheroes get sleepy.


Daniel Doesn’t Want to Stop Playing

Daniel is playing “Trolley” with Mom and Dad in the living room. When Mom tells him that it’s time to work on his school project, Daniel doesn’t want to stop playing. Mom helps Daniel move on by allowing him to pick one more thing to do with his toy Trolley. Daniel makes one last stop and then he’s ready to work on his project.


Daniel Fixes Trolley

Daniel accidentally breaks one of his toy trolley’s wheels while playing. When Mom is too busy to help Daniel put the wheel back on she urges him to try to figure it out on his own and explains that fixing it on his own will make him feel good about himself.


Daniel Tries a New Food

Miss Elaina is having dinner with the Tiger family, and she encourages Daniel to try some new foods: Veggie Spaghetti and Banana Swirl. Daniel is convinced he won’t like Veggie Spaghetti, even though he’s never tried it before. Miss Elaina encourages him to be adventurous and try it. She does the same herself, and even though she doesn’t like all of it, she’s proud of herself for trying.


Daniel is Big Enough to Help Dad

Dad Tiger is building a playhouse, and Daniel wants to help out. Daniel is frustrated that he is not big enough to use the grown-up tools. Dad Tiger shows Daniel that he is just the right size for doing many things to help.


Daniel’s New Friend

Daniel and Miss Elaina meet Prince Wednesday’s cousin Chrissie during a playdate at the castle. As they play “knights,” they discover that, although Chrissie needs some help walking, they are the same in many ways.


Daniel’s Friends Say No

When Daniel gets to school, he approaches Miss Elaina to play with her, but is frustrated when he finds that she would rather read alone. Daniel learns that sometimes his friends might not want to play with him and that’s OK because he can find fun things to do on his own.


Prince Wednesday Doesn’t Want to Play

When Daniel gets to the park, Prince Tuesday and Prince Wednesday are playing together. Daniel wants to join in, but is upset because Prince Wednesday only wants to play with his brother. Soon O arrives, and they both figure out that they can play together since Wednesday and Tuesday are having “brother time.”

My daughters loved watching this movie. I knew they were going to like it since they already love Daniel Tiger. Daniel Tiger is ready to save the day on this DVD. There are many ways he can be brave and adventurous. He’ll learn that when trying new things and being proud can make him feel like a superhero! Life is always an adventure with Daniel!

Make sure to pick up your own copy today! This movie is already released, so if you have children that love it I hope you’ll grab your own copy.

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 

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