Tesla Passed Her Milk Challenge-She’s No Longer Allergic to Dairy

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If you followed along with me six months ago, you would have read about my youngest daughter Tesla and her eczema and allergies. You can read more about that HERE if you’d like. When she was about three months old she was diagnosed with eczema as well as having a few allergies. She was allergic to eggs, dairy, whey, cats, dogs and peanuts. Later on in life she no longer was allergic to peanuts, eggs or cats. I believe since we have had cats for such a long time she got use to them and ever since she has been just fine. Sometimes when she’s around certain dogs she’ll break out if there is too much hair or if they lick her.


It had been six months since her last dairy test. The last time she went in she was able to eat a muffin that had dairy in it. She ate it in five different sizes and waited 15 minutes in between each time she ate a piece. It turned out that she never broke out or had any reactions at that time. Since she had passed that test she was able to have any products with baked milk as long as the ingredients didn’t have dairy listed as number one or two on the ingredients list. Since she had passed that test she was able to come back six months later for another test where she would be drinking milk starting with a small amount and drinking more after that.

This test was done on 2/16/16. We were all very excited for this test to be able to see if she could actually have anything with dairy in it now. I was very confident that things were going to go well because she had been having products with dairy in them for the past six months and nothing happened. You never know what may happen though because she never had those products with high amounts of milk in them. When we got there she was able to play on the iPad that they provided with her while she waited for all the tests to be over with. It started out with her drinking 1 tsp. of milk and then she waited 15 minutes to see if anything happened. She did this five different times with higher amounts of milk each time. The last one ended up being a 1/2 cup of milk. We are very proud to say that she passed the tests! She never showed any signs of breaking out had any other reactions.


At the end we did have to wait around for 45 minutes just to make sure nothing else happened. Tesla was very excited that she passed her test. We even went out to eat afterwards. She was so excited that she wanted a cheeseburger, so I took her to Wendy’s so that she could actually have a cheeseburger for the first time in a restaurant. She loved it too!


The next day after school was over, my husband and I decided to take our daughters out for some pizza and ice cream. Since Tesla was no longer allergic to dairy, we thought this would be a perfect time to let her try some pizza and ice cream. She always had pizza and ice cream before, except it was all dairy free. Now she’s able to enjoy those that have dairy in it. She really loved the pizza! She picked off all the pepperonis, but she enjoyed it a lot. She also was loving the ice cream she chose. We’re all very happy for her and I can see all the excitement she has as well. She has been so happy since she took her test. She does still enjoy some of her other foods though. She’ll still eat her cheese as well as drink her soy milk. I’m sure it’s going to take some time before she decides she is okay with drinking dairy milk, or she may never want to, and that’s okay. We’re all just very happy that she’s happy and excited about this.

Do you have any children that have allergies? Or maybe you have allergies?



    • It was very tough, but we did fine. We just had to buy dairy free products. It’s going to be nice saving more money though because dairy free products are so expensive. We’ll probably continue with the soy milk til she gets use to dairy milk..and she may never want it either and that’s okay.

  1. Our family does not suffer from allergies. But I do have a couple friends that have kids with allergies. I have seen how much work it is to keep them from having any kind of allergic reaction. I’m glad that your daughters testing allergy free now.

    • Thank you! It certainly is very tough and I’ll always make sure I ask if a child has any allergies. After my daughter went through all her allergies I’ve learned to always ask about others and whether they have allergies or not too.

    • I agree. I hate that there are so many food allergies. I’m glad my daughter got over hers, but it’s still sad that so many have many food allergies.

  2. So happy for your little girl! My daughter was diagnosed with a dairy allergy at 18 months (we went months with no explanation for the eczema and diarrhea). We will challenge her at 2 and every year after as needed, until it is determined she is no longer allergic or that she will always be allergic. Seeing that your little one no longer is allergic gives me hope that one day my little one won’t be either! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome! I hope that your daughter will soon get over her allergies as well. I was told that most kids that have eczema will grow out of their allergies. When we did the scratch test for the first time, my daughter didn’t pass, but because she had already had items with milk in them by accident and nothing happened, she went on to a baked milk challenge. She passed that and six months later did the milk challenge and passed as well. It’s a whole new experience for her. I really hope that your daughter gets over her allergies in the next few years as well. 🙂

    • We’re very excited for her. It is very hard, but you get use to it. It’s going to be so much different now that she can eat anything.

    • It was very tough, but we had done well with it. There were a lot of foods she could still eat, we just had to get a lot of dairy free products.

  3. I’m happy to hear that everything turned out and she is not allergic to dairy! Glad that you went out to celebrate the event as well! Poor thing, she has been through enough … it was about time she receive some good news!

    • Thanks! Sometimes I think I may be lactose intolerant. I should really talk to the doctor about it. Some dairy products make my stomach upset.

    • That’s to bad. I’m about the same way though. Milk makes my stomach upset. I finally found a yogurt that I can actually eat that doesn’t upset my stomach either..and ice cream usually upsets my stomach as well. I can have things with dairy, just not those with high amounts of dairy.

    • It was a struggle at first, but once we got use to it, it wasn’t so bad. There were still a lot of foods she could eat, but now it’s even more.

    • Thank you! We’re all so happy for her! So far she’s been loving all the foods. We plan on making lasagna on Sunday, so I hope she enjoys that.

    • She was always able to have them, she just used her dairy free cheese. I actually tried one once with dairy free cheese and I really liked it. She enjoyed the one with dairy though too!

    • Thanks! We’re all very happy for her. Usually at gatherings she can have some items and I always bring something with that she can have too, that way she’s not left out…it’s nice to know she doesn’t have to worry about any of this anymore.

    • It does make cooking easier. Before we usually just substituted ingredients with her dairy free stuff. Dairy free products are so expensive too, so I’m happy to spend less money now too.

  4. Glad to hear she doesn’t have dairy allergies. There is so much yummy stuff. But also now they make these things dairy free too but It’s better not having to worry about that. My son didn’t have allergies to anything but during the summer he was around a few cats in the neighborhood and he came home once with red eyes and kept sneezing non-stop after getting licked.

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