Nickelodeon Universe-Mall of America

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Disclosure: I received free passes to visit Nickelodeon Universe in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

How many of you love going on rides? My whole family enjoys going on rides often. I personally love all types of rides. I’m always the first one to want to check out any thrill rides. I’m a huge lover of heights and will jump at the chance to go on anything thrilling. The only problem with this, is that they’re normally outside. That means during Winter we can’t go to any amusement parks since they’re outside and they don’t operate them in Winter.


Luckily for us there are some rides inside the Mall of America. This place is called the Nickelodeon Universe. Do you have any places nearby that have an indoor amusement park? I think it’s great that they have one at this mall. I’m still about an hour and a half away from this mall, but I do love to go here. Of course Nickelodeon Universe is one of the many reasons we love this mall.


I was actually given some free passes so that my family could enjoy going to Nickelodeon Universe. My daughters had no idea where we were taking them until I told them when we got there and passed by it. We wanted it to be a surprise, and it worked as a great surprise. There are many different types of passes that you can choose from. We got some point passes as well as some all day passes. Each of the rides have points on them, so that’s how the point passes work. Once you use up all the points your pass is no good. The all day passes are nice because there is no limit to what you can ride. You can ride from the time they open til the time they close.


The first ride we decided to go on was Diego’s Rescue Rider. This ride will swing a round and a round both forwards and backwards. I thought this was a nice ride for kids because it’s not to scary yet it’s fun enough for them to really enjoy it. Another awesome thing about these kids rides, is that chaperons can ride for free. If it’s a child’s ride you can ride with them without a pass. Lets say it’s just you and your kids. Then your kids would have to get a pass, but you wouldn’t have to if you plan to just ride with them. I thought that was a really nice of them. Most places I go make you pay for riding with your children when they can’t ride alone.

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I wanted to get a nice photo of my daughters at the Bubble Guppies ride before we went on. All of these rides are made to look just like the Nickelodeon shows and I think they did a great job at displaying that. Since it’s named Nickelodeon Universe I’m sure you all know that all the rides are based on Nickelodeon shows.

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The Bubble Guppies had a ride called the Guppy Bubbler. If you love rides that spin around, then this is the ride for you. This ride will take you up in the air a bit and you can control how fast you want to spin. My daughters usually love spinning around very fast. This is one of those classic rides that I absolutely love. Many kids enjoy being able to spin around.


The Dora and Boots Ferris Wheel was called the El Circulo Del Cielo. This was a really big Ferris Wheel too. I don’t know what it is about Ferris Wheels that my daughters really seem to love. I think they may like it because you can see everything when you’re going around. That and it’s a slower ride, so sometimes it’s nice to just relax on a ride.


The Splat-O-Sphere was one of our favorite rides. If you have ever gone up very high on a ride and then get dropped down and loved it, then you’d love this ride too. That’s exactly what this ride does. It will bring you up 60 feet. Then it really becomes fun once you get dropped down. My daughters really liked this ride too. I think they love rides that are a thrill as much as I do.


We didn’t go on all the rides, but I still took some photos of them. This was one of them that we didn’t go on. This is the Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Collider. I would say this is a great ride for kids. It will take you around in a circle up in the air.


The Avatar Airbender was another ride that we didn’t end up going on. Although I would have loved to go on this ride, I didn’t get the chance to. It certainly looked like a ton of fun. This ride will rock you back and forth and reach heights of 70 feet.

There were so many amazing rides, and my whole family had so much fun. If you’re ever in the area or head to the Mall of America, I hope that you would check out Nickelodeon Universe. I’m sure we’ll be back there again too. There were some rides that we never got to go on that I’m sure we’d love to go on next time we visit. It’s a great place for families to have some fun.

What types of rides do you love to go on? Do any of these rides look like fun to you?

Disclosure: I received free passes to visit Nickelodeon Universe in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. Oh wow! I have not been there in years! The last time I was there it was called Camp Snoopy (yup totally dating myself here). I need to get back there and check out all the changes.

  2. Oh my gosh, I’d have a blast there. I love riding all sorts of rides but since my failed back surgery, I can’t ride any that bumps or slings me against anything. I’m not sure I could ride any of these.

  3. This sounds like so much fun. I have heard that the Mall of America is cool. I haven’t ever been. I love coasters and thrill rides but I am off limits for now. I had back surgery in December.

    • Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you recover soon. MOA is definitely a great mall and Nickelodeon Universe was a ton of fun.

  4. I’ve never been to the Mall of America but having an entertainment area would make my kids day complete when we shopping. This looks like so much fun!

    • It was a lot of fun. It’s great that they have this in the mall for many reasons. If my kids were old enough to be on their own I’d let them go to Nickelodeon Universe while I shopped.

  5. That is a great place to take the grand kids to! My little sweethearts love Nickelodeon and they would feel like they are living in a dream! Thanks for letting me know about this. We’d have to include this in our summer vacation planning.

    • Definitely! I wish my girls were old enough to be able to go to Nickelodeon Universe on their own. We’ll be going back when they get older too.

  6. I have never visited the Mall of America but would love to when I am out there! Who doesn’t love a good theme park and thrill rides?

    • That’s awesome to hear! That sounds like it would be a fun mall too. Nickelodeon Universe certainly was a ton of fun.

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