New popchips Flavors

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Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.
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How many of you have been trying to eat healthier? I’ve been eating a lot healthier lately, and when it comes to snacks, I have a harder time finding something to snack on that’s healthy. Fruits and vegetables are a great idea, but sometimes you want something else. Chips are not a great choice, but they can be if you get the right ones that are good for you.


Have you ever heard of popchips? These are a great snack item, and they’re actually good for you too. They just came out with some new flavors, and I was able to try them out. These new flavors are chili cheese, cheddar & sour cream, salted and tangy barbecue. All of these chips have no added preservatives, no artificial flavors, no synthetic colors, no cholesterol, 0 grams trans fat and gluten-free.


The cheddar & sour cream popchips were my favorite. They were actually my husband and both of my daughters favorite as well. They already ate all these ones, so they’re gone. These have sharp cheddar, sour cream and potatoes. These were always one of my favorite flavors, so that’s probably why I loved them so much. They’re very crunchy and delicious!


The salted popchips were very good as well. If you love the regular flavor of chips, then you’d love these ones. They’ve got a great salt flavor as well as being very crunchy. I love that these chips are all so crunchy. It makes them that much better.


If you have ever had chili cheese fries, then that’s what these taste like. They’re so good! They definitely remind me of eating chili cheese fries. I think it’s great because chili cheese fries are not really healthy for you, so you can get the same taste in these popchips. It’s definitely a better option when you’re trying to eat healthier. I loved these!


Do you love barbecue? These tangy barbecue popchips would be perfect for you. They had a great amount of barbecue flavor and they taste great. Crunchy chips with some barbecue are amazing! These were another one of my favorites. These will be the next ones that will be gone soon since we loved these ones a lot too.

If you’re looking for a great snack, check out the popchips new flavors. They’re all amazing! My whole family has been enjoying having them for snacks daily. I’m sure we’ll be buying more of the cheddar & sour cream ones for sure. I’m just glad to have a snack that is tasty and is good for you.

Which of these flavors are you most excited to try out?

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.Ā 


  1. I have never heard of Popchips but I have a feeling I would love them as I adore popcorn. I’ll have to seek them out. Thanks for letting me know about them

  2. Thanks for this review. I almost ordered these chips on this morning. I wish I had. Now I will add them to my next shopping list.

  3. Oh my… aren’t these the most addicting things ever? I love to grab a bag when running errands or watching a good movie. SO yummy!

  4. I actually don’t care for traditional PopChips, but these are delicious. I highly recommend the chili cheese flavor.

  5. It has been a while, but I have had POP chips before. They are pretty yummy! One of these days I will have to grab a bag, I’ve just been trying to keep any and all snacks out of the house lately.

    • Some snacks are okay for you though. It all depends on many things. I say as long as you only eat one bag a day you’re fine!

  6. I absolutely LOVE pop chips. They are so light that I really don’t feel like I am throwing away my healthy eating by enjoying a chip or two….or seven. Those new flavors look great, too.

  7. The kids and I love snacking on chips, but we prefer the healthier ones, of course. I haven’t tried this brand before, they have awesome flavors and would be perfect for movie night with the family! I’d love to give them a try.

    • I always try to get something else in for a snack. Sometimes you need something more sweet or salty, so these are great for that.

  8. i would love to try out the new pop chip flavors. my grandpa used to buy them in bulk from Costco so i got a bit sick of them but all in all i did like them so with new flavors i would like to give it another go.

  9. I would go for the Chili Cheese. Two of my favorite flavors in one bag! I have to get some of these soon, we’re in for a short road trip this weekend. This would keep our tummies happy until we get to our destination.

  10. Popchips sound like a great snack idea when you are craving some chips. I do love that they are gluten free too because my son is gluten free and I am trying to go more gluten free. The chili cheese and cheddar & sour cream are the two I will be trying. Thanks for sharing the chip idea.

  11. I tried Popchips years ago, but haven’t picked them up in a while. I do remember being able to sit down and finish a whole bag at once. Oops!

  12. We haven’t tried PopChips before but these look perfect to bring to the BBQ we are going to tonight. I am all over the cheddar ones..I might have to snag a bag and eat them on the way to the BBQ just “to check and see if they taste ok”. LOL!

  13. To me eating healthier has become the biggest priority long back since I faced so many health issues right after my 2nd baby. I love such healthy snacks these Popchips sounds like a good alternative with different flavors to try out. I would love that Chili cheese right away!

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