Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon

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Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.
MMC_Mickey's-Sport-Y-Thon_DVD with medal

How many of you love Disney? I know most of us do love Disney. My daughters and I love all things Disney. They love to watch many of the Disney shows as well. We all know that Mickey Mouse is probably the number one Disney character out there. Do you have kids that love to watch him on T.V.?

I recently was given the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon DVD to review. Since my daughters already love Mickey, I knew they would love to watch this one. As you can see from the title, one of the episodes with be all about sports.

The episodes that are included with this movie are:

  • Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon
  • Mickey’s Mousekeball!
  • Donald’s Brand New Clubhouse
  • Mickey’s Mousekedoer Adventure
  • Mickey’s Mystery!
  • Mickey’s Happy Mousekeday

Besides the DVD, this movie also comes with a free golden Mickey medal inside. My daughters love medals, so they loved that this movie came with one. It was perfect for the first episode that dealt with sports. I would say that this was one of the favorite episodes of ours too. I love to see my girls get out and be active, so this episode was a great one to show them that. They have many sports shown through this episode too, so your kids can see some of the awesome sports they have out there.

Download Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon Activities

Of course they have other great episodes with this DVD as well, but I just love that one the most. This DVD is packed with a lot of great episodes that involve a lot of sports and action. I love it when movies like these show this type of stuff to kids because they know they need to be active as well. It keeps them thinking about doing what these characters do on the shows. It’s a great movie for anyone that loves Mickey Mouse!

If you’re looking for a great Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie, make sure that you check this one out. We loved it, and I’m sure your kids will love it as well. It’s already released on DVD, so make sure to pick up your very own copy.

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 

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