Disney Junior Live Review

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My daughters love to watch the Disney Junior shows so you can imagine how excited they were when I told them they get to watch some of the Disney Junior characters perform on stage. There were performances by Sofia the First, Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Jack and the Neverland Pirates. A few special performances by Peter Pan, Doc McStuffins and Cinderella as well.


Doc McStuffins was shown ten minutes before the show started. This performance was about helping out a car. If you’ve never seen the Doc McStuffins show then I’ll tell you that it’s about a little girl that helps out her toys by being a doctor. It was a very great performance and the kids loved her.


Minnie and Mickey Mouse came on stage next for a short while. I think these two were one of my favorites from the show. I’ve always loved Minnie and Mickey and thought they are what really makes Disney. They did a little act and then introduced Sofia the First. You’ll see them throughout the entire show as well. They were making a few appearances.



The next performance was by Sofia. Sofia and her family are preparing for a royal celebration. This helps to teach the real meaning of being a princess. At one point Sofia had made some cakes and there were so many being made that they all ended up falling over and getting ruined. My daughters really enjoyed watching her perform. They love Sofia and my youngest daughter (Tesla) actually wants to be Sofia for Halloween.


There was a special appearance with Cinderella as well. She helped out Sofia in this performance. I thought that was very lovely. Cinderella always looks wonderful.



Jake and the Neverland Pirates was probably one of the best performances for the kids. I think the whole crowd went crazy when they showed up on stage. They really got the crowd moving and having so much fun. My youngest daughter (Tesla) really loved this one as well. I think this was also her favorite because that’s what she’s been talking about ever since she saw it.



Captain Hook and Peter Pan made there appearances and the crowd went crazy. My favorite character was Captain Hook. Peter Pan comes to help Jake, Cubby and Izzy battle Captain Hook to unlock treasure hidden inside a mysterious volcano.


In the end everyone got on stage to do a little performance. My kids had so much fun and I think my youngest (Tesla) had even more fun then my oldest daughter. (Mercades) I was actually surprised that I really enjoyed the show as well. It was overall a great performance.

Disclosure: I received tickets to Disney Junior Live from US Family Guide in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time. I remember taking my oldest to a show on ice once. It’s fun for kids to see their favorite characters come to life.

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