Disney Side Party

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I was chosen to have a Disney Side party from Mom Select. I invited some friends and family over as well as their children. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show our Disney Side while getting together with friends and family to celebrate all things Disney.



I decided on having a Mickey Mouse party since our kit came with a lot of Mickey Mouse themed items. I’ve always loved Mickey as well so that really helped when decided what kind of Disney party to choose. I made some Mickey sandwiches, oranges and cupcakes as well. Everyone seemed to really enjoy all the Mickey themed food. The kids were really loving the sandwiches.




All the kids were having fun playing, painting, watching movies and more. Everyone got to take home goodie bags so they were all happy about that. Towards the end of the party I let some of the kids play Epic Mickey which is a game for the PS3. They were having fun with that and it was the perfect way to end the party.

Overall I think we had a great turnout and everyone had so much fun. I know that we would all absolutely love to go to Disney Land/World some day. I know that my children would have a lot of fun there.

Check out Disney Side for more information. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of great things.

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