Personal Trainer Food-2 Weeks

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Disclosure: I received 28 days of Personal Trainer food in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


As many of you know, I’ve been trying out Personal Trainer Food for a couple of weeks now. Everything has been going great. I love that the food is so delicious! I was worried at first when I started out that the food may not taste good, but I was way wrong. Everything has been amazing so far. I have a few favorites, and many of those include the chicken they have. It’s actually very simple to follow along with this plan because of how great the food is. If the food isn’t great, then it’s going to be harder to stick to a plan.


Above you’ll see some of the foods I enjoyed. There are always many different varieties of veggies. I loved that about this program. They have a lot of great veggies to add to the meals. You can always mix up your veggies in so many ways. I think the chicken sticks are always going to be one of my favorites. This time around it was buffalo ranch chicken sticks and they were just as good as the others. I loved the sausage too! I ate that up quickly because i really enjoyed it. That is actually probably one of my favorites so far!

It’s very nice to be able to get healthy foods delivered to your door. It’s so convenient. It can be tough when you have to make healthier foods, so having a service like this can put you in the right direction. I’ve been enjoying being able to try out this program for the last two weeks. I have another two weeks to go too. Things are going great! I’ve even felt like I’ve been sleeping much better at night and I have a bit more energy as well. I think it’s great that you can change your diet and feel better so quickly!

I think it’s a wonderful program and I’d highly recommend this to anyone that wants to either lose weight or for anyone that is looking to eat healthier. I’m glad that I have had the opportunity to try out Personal Trainer Food. It’s been great the past two weeks. I’m looking forward to the next two weeks as well.

Disclosure: I received 28 days of Personal Trainer food in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. I could definitely use some guidance in the nutrition of food. I’m trying to eat healthier and sometimes I really think I am and then I realize how many grams of sugar it has or how many carbs it has. I want to eat what’s right and not have my body pay for something that I didn’t realize I was supposed to eat to stay healthy.

    • Eating is a huge part of being healthy. I hear a lot that it’s always 90% food and 10% eating right really helps out. I always watch for sugar and fats.

  2. great service and food, sounds great! I’d love the part of not trying to figure out what to make every night, how helpful would this be? super helpful! thanks for sharing : )

  3. This looks like a great service for those who are trying to eat clean with minimal effort. I am really trying to eat better–nutrition makes such a difference in overall health.

  4. This is a really interesting program that I have been hearing a lot about lately. I love that that they send food, This makes it easy to stay on track.

  5. This sounds like an awesome food program. I would not only use this for losing weight but for eating healthier. This program I will have to share with my friend who was just told by doctors he needed to eat healthier. Thanks for sharing your awesome experience.

  6. Wow! I have to try Personal Trainer. The hardest part of losing weight is not having food right there when you’re hungry. If I have to stop and say “What should I have for lunch?” that is where I get into trouble. I talk myself into something unhealthy and fast.

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