Thanksgiving Side Dishes

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Are you still looking for recipes for Thanksgiving? Check out three of my favorite side dishes. Mashed Potatoes, sweet potatoes and stuffing. These are all at my Thanksgiving table each year. I love them of these! You can get all of my recipes below.


Garlic Mashed Potatoes- I’ve always loved mashed potatoes, and my husband is a huge fan of garlic. Since he loves garlic so much, I decided to make these garlic mashed potatoes this year. I thought they turned out great! Make sure to grab my recipe and try them out yourself!


Sausage Stuffing- Stuffing is certainly my favorite side dish for Thanksgiving. I’ll never pass this up. This was actually the first time I made home made stuffing myself. I thought it turned out amazing too! Make sure you grab this recipe if you love stuffing!


Cinnamon Honey Sweet Potatoes- I’ve never actually made sweet potatoes before. I just went for it and made something different. My husband and I love these too. They turned out great! I hope you’ll check out this recipe for a different spin on sweet potatoes.

I hope you all enjoy these recipes and have a great Thanksgiving!

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