Silverlit Toy Robot Giveaway

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logoIt’s a Silverlit Toy Robot Giveaway USA only, ends 10/23 12:00am
Sponsored by:Silverlit Toys
Open to US Only


Given By: Night Helper Blog

As you know robots are a big hit. Every year there seem to be an increasing amount of tech toys like robotics that hits the market. Silverlit Toys Company is one of the leading best tech companies that offers some unique tech toys!

This is where the “Blu-Bot” comes into play. It’s one of the first intelligent Bluetooth robots that will have your kids and family mesmerized by all its cool technical features!

The Blu-Bot can move back and forward, to left and right, hold items, can wave. You can also record messages and playback with the voice changer, switch to dance mode so he can bust a mood for you like “moon dancing” and much more !
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  1. I love everything about this robot, but the feature I am most excited about is that you car record messages and playback with the voice changer! My son would just flip over this!

  2. This is the perfect gift for the child who has everything! I love that its technology, yet it doesn’t involve screen time or a video game!

  3. I had not heard of the Best Buy Halloween site, great idea. I love sites that give u out of the box ideas. We love to pull pranks or scare our boys, do this is great…

  4. Hard to pick my favorite feature because I love everything about it. Love that it dances, my lil nieces will love that esp. Then my boys will love playing with the voice recording feature that let’s u change the voice when played back. There is so many features for everyone to enjoy.. Thx!!

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