Mother’s Day Tissue Paper Flowers

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With Mother’s Day coming up I wanted to make something that would be a great craft for mothers on Mother’s Day. Since flowers are often something we all get as mothers, I thought that would be a great craft to work on. I didn’t have much for craft supplies around the house, but I was able to come up with an idea that I thought would be perfect. I think it would be a great idea for children to make for their mothers on Mother’s Day.



  • Tissue Paper
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Heart Foam Stickers
  • Tape
  • Vase

You can start with some tissue paper. Use any colors that you would like. I went with some lighter colors and I used three sheets of tissue paper. I personally wouldn’t use more than four sheets, but that’s completely up to you. Make sure all of them are the same size too. You can use a ruler to help measure them out, but I had a box and just used that. The sizes of my sheets of paper were about six inches. Once you have these cut out, lay them all on top of each other.


Next you’re going to fold it like a fan. If you have never done this before, it’s very simple. You just keep folding it back and forth til it’s all folded up. I would fold each of them about an inch but not much bigger than that.


The fans should look like the one pictured above. You will want to make two of these so that you can put them together to make the tissue paper flowers.


Next you want to round off the edges by cutting them. Don’t cut the edge that’s already together, but cut the one that’s fanned out at the top. Of course you want to fold the fan piece and then cut it. That makes it much easier to cut.


Next if you want to use pipe cleaners you can, but since I didn’t have any on hand I used some Popsicle sticks. I just taped them on the tissue paper.


After getting the Popsicle sticks on you’re going to want to fold the tissue paper in half.


Next I took a couple of pieces of tape and folded them so that I could get each four of the sides to stay together. This makes it easier for me when I start fluffing up the tissue paper to make the flower.


Next you can fluff out the tissue paper to make it look like a flower.


Then I found some heart foam stickers that I decided to use for the middle of the flower. I think it just gives it some color and makes it look like it has a center for the flower.


The next thing I did was stick more Popsicle sticks on the end to make them longer. You can keep adding Popsicle sticks to make them as long as you want. In this photo I had two of them, but in the end I ended up using three Popsicle sticks to make them longer. You can just use some tape to get them to stay together.


Next you can wrap them up like real flowers with the tissue paper and even add some ribbon for a bow. I also added a note with them. Since these are great for Mother’s Day, I thought a great note for a mother add the perfect touch.


If you want them in a vase, you can do that as well. I put some more tissue paper in the vase and put the flowers in the vase. Then I tied the ribbon around the vase as well as put the Mother’s Day note on it as well. It makes for a wonderful display!

Once you’re finished you’re going to have a beautiful pieceΒ that any mom can treasure forever!


  1. This is too funny because we are making these in my son’s class next week for Fiesta. But, I tell you, they would make great Mother’s Day gifts, too. Thanks for sharing…

  2. I remember making these when I was a child. I love giving them to my mom. I’m going to show my child how to do this so that maybe he can do this for Mother’s Day.

    • I don’t think I ever made anything like this as a kid..not that I can remember. I’m glad you’re going to show your child! Hopefully you guys can do this together.

  3. What a nice presentation and cheap and affordable way to get the gift made from the heart. This seems like a very nice project to do and then looks very easy to create.

  4. This is really cute! This year I would love to get my son to do something like this for his grandmother and great-grandmother! I bet they would be really happy to receive this hand made tissue paper flower from him!

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