My Little Pony & Littlest PetShop Toys From Hasbro

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Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

How many of you have some Hasbro toys? My daughters have a lot of the Hasbro brand of toys. They also have a lot of their games as well. We’re huge fans of the brand Hasbro. I love that they’re always coming out with some new products that my daughters love.


I was recently able to review My Little Pony and Littlest PetShop play sets. I chose these ones because of my daughters. These are two of their favorite types of toys to play with. They love both My Little Pony and Littlest PetShop.


My oldest, who is seven, wanted to try out the shuttle from Littlest Pet Shop. This came with a lot of small pieces, so I would not recommend little ones that still chew on things to play with this. It was really neat that my daughter was able to decorate this shuttle the way she wanted. It came with some stickers and a lot of decorations to put on the shuttle. Below you’ll find the list of what all is included with this.

•Includes shuttle, pet, 4 accessories, emoji bubble, 16 Deco Bits pieces, 2 paper banners, and sticker sheet.
• Fits 5 pets & 5 pet friends
• Comes with pet
• Decorate with Deco Bits pieces
• Fun accessories & stickers


My daughter had fun being able to decorate this the way she wanted. I thought that was nice that she was able to do that. Barkley Woofley is the pet that comes with the shuttle. He can drive around all over the place. My daughter has been playing with this toy a lot since she got it. If you have any Littlest PetShop fans, I’d highly recommend this product to them.


My youngest is five and she was very excited when she saw the My Little Pony Row & Ride Swan Boat. She said she saw it on t.v. before and has always wanted it. I was very happy to hear how excited she got when she saw it. She was so thrilled!


Pinkie Pie is the pony that comes with this set. You’re able to put her inside the boat and attach all her feet so that they stay. Then you can move the boat along the floor and it will even play some music. My daughter had so much fun with this toy. She still plays with it all the time too. This is another great toy that I would recommend for those that love My Little Pony. You’ll find the list below for all that comes with this set.

•Includes vehicle, pony figure, and 2 paddles.

•Row & Ride Swan Boat Set includes boat and Pinkie Pie figure
•Pinkie Pie pony figure is poseable
•Music plays as the boat rolls
•Scan figure’s necklace into the My Little Pony Friendship Celebration app (device not included) to unlock her character in the app


Both of my daughters had so much fun with these toys and they continue to keep having fun. I’m glad that Hasbro has these great products they keep coming out with. They always seem to help keep my daughters entertained. I would much rather seem them playing with these toys then to be near any electronics. Thanks to Hasbro for providing my girls with such great toys!

Do you have children that love My Little Pony or Littlest PetShop? If so, would they enjoy these toys?

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. My little pony, I loved that as a kid so much. Now I don’t have a little girl to play with it anymore. I think my niece would love this though and she’s with me for a bit …

  2. Oh my girls love, love, love My Little Pony. It is so cool to see them love something that I loved so much as a kid, too!

  3. My little pony is something that every little girl loves! They are adorable. I’m glad you were able to review the toys, I’m sure your girls had a blast trying them out.

  4. I love this toy! I feel like that I am having my second childhood! I am pretty sure that every girl loves this!

  5. I was obsessed with My Little Pony growing up. I have a daughter on the way and wish I would have saved all of mine. Although I am so glad they still exist.

  6. I LOVE that My Little Pony is a “thing” again! They were huge when I was growing up and now my daughter is in to them; it’s pretty neat to think back to my childhood. It’s also fun and cute when we go shopping together and she wants to play with the new pony on the shelf. Too cute! We love Hasbro!!

  7. These toys are indeed the cutest toys ever. My little great niece love The Little Pet Shop toys and My Little Pony so these would be so much fun for her. Thanks for sharing this awesome review.

  8. I think I’ve also seen Hasbro’s name with electronics as well. Great toys up there! I used to imitate Tara Strong’s voice with My Little Pony toys for my niece before, I would love to do that again with toys like the ones above.

  9. Honestly I have never heard about Hasbro toys before as we have lots of interesting toys available in the market today. The PetShop play sets looks good, but the My Little Pony Row & Ride Swan Boat is something which my kids would fall in love right away.

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