Ensure Children Keep Their Hands Off Liquid Laundry Packets

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with American Cleaning Institute. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.


I’m sure many of you have been hearing that young children are continuing to be exposed to liquid laundry packets in the U.S. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, in 2015 there were over 12,954 exposures to liquid laundry packets in children 5 and younger. That is a huge number! I personally don’t buy these because I don’t feel safe with them around my kids. Although there are some ways to make sure you have them high up so that your kids won’t touch them.

To help raise awareness on these accidental exposures, The American Cleaning Institute is educating parents and caregivers through its KEY Pledge campaign on the importance of practicing laundry safety at home. The campaign shares tips on preventing these types of accidents from occurring, specifically by keeping laundry packets up high and out of reach and sight of young children, and kept in its original container. ACI urges consumers to take the Pledge to a safe laundry room and routine. By taking the Pledge you are automatically entered to win $2,500 for a laundry room makeover!

You can start by taking the KEY pledge to follow ACI’s simple steps to a safe laundry room and routine:

Keep single-load liquid laundry packets out of the reach of children
Educate your family and friends about the safe use and storage of these new laundry products
You serve a key role in laundry safety

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Remember to always put those detergent packets away and far from children. There have been far to many accidents already. Children act very fast, so never have those in reach of a child. When you’re doing laundry I would make sure to have the kids away from there too. I’ll let my girls help out with laundry sometimes, so I have to be careful with where everything is located. This is one of the reasons why I don’t usually let them help out though. I don’t want anything bad happening to them. I usually let them help fold the laundry, that way they’re still able to help without being around any of these detergents.

Please make sure to always put these up and away from children! It’s very important that you talk to them so they know these products are not safe for them.

I hope that you will all join in raising awareness of this mission to prevent laundry room accidents related to liquid laundry packets. When you pledge you can also enter in the sweepstakes. This sweepstakes is for a chance at a $2,500 electronic gift card! I hope you’ll all take this pledge today!

Many have already taken the pledge. Will you be taking the pledge to ensure you won’t keep these products near your children?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with American Cleaning Institute. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. This is something that parents need to be really aware of! It is is scary what kids put in their mouth and how quickly they find it! Very important post here!

    • It sure is important. I think everyone needs to really understand that they have to put these away so kids can’t get to them.

  2. I don’t buy these all the time, but when I do I make sure I keep them up. My kids aren’t little anymore so I don;t worry about them but I still keep them out of reach.

    • I’m glad to hear it. I keep them out of reach all the time if I do happen to get them. I usually don’t get them for that exact reason though.

  3. This is so important. I love that the little packs are so simple to use. With another baby on the way, I am always looking to make our home more safe. It’s so important we keep these up and away from children.

    • It sure is. I’m glad more and more people are finally putting them away. It’s so important because kids are quick to act.

  4. I definitely keep them way out of reach! My kiddos are old enough to know better, but sometimes my little nephew comes to visit, and that boy is fast and into everything!

  5. I love the packets but you have to be careful with any product. I never leave them in arms reach of kids. Great reminder to be careful not just with this product ALL products.

  6. This is a great campaign and an important reminder. I don’t buy liquid detergent. Kids are too curious and no matter how careful you are, they can still end up having access to those things.

  7. This is such a great reminder for parents and all caretakers as well. Kids sometimes mistake things as food/candy that aren’t so we need to make sure we don’t give them that chance.

    • I agree. Kids often thing a lot of things are food which really are not. It’s so important to have these things put away out of reach of kids.

  8. These can be really handy but if you use them, you do have to be so careful with them around kids. It’s so easy to grab one out of the container and put it down while you’re getting the laundry into the washer without thinking that a little one might grab it while your back is turned.

    • Exactly! I actually don’t have these because of that reason. My girls are old enough to know better though, but you never know.

  9. I wish I could say that i am watching my children 100% of the time, but that’s just not possible. We’ve got to be prepared & talk to them about what’s unsafe.

  10. Even though my daughter is grown this is important information to know in case a friend visiting me has young children with them. I’ll make sure to always store my laundry detergent up high so I don’t have to worry in the future.

  11. Everyone should take note. It’s not an issue if you use these and are safe and put them away up high or out of reach even locked up if you have to. They work well but for little people who don’t understand they aren’t food they can be very dangerous. This is an important message.

  12. I love laundry packets but this is definitely something I never really gave thought too since my daughter is still too young to figure out how to wander down to the laundry room since its in the basement! Something for me to keep in mind!

  13. It’s crazy what kids will put in their mouth. I have strong feelings about the whole pods situation, so I’ll just say that I hope no more children get sick.

  14. great idea to spread the awareness on this topic… it’s so sad to think children get poisoned with this product, maybe they should not make them look like candy!

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