Why I Think You Should Play Pokemon Go

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about Pokemon Go by now, right? This game has hit big and many people all over the world have been playing. When I heard about it I didn’t really think much about it. I was interested to try it out myself, but I knew if I did I would most likely get addicted to the game. It sounded like everyone else was playing it, so I figured it must be something that would be addicting. I finally decided to start playing about a week ago, and yes I was very right about this game being addicting! I even got my husband in to the game as well as my daughters. We all go out hunting for Pokemon every day. It’s actually a lot of fun and you get some great exercise as well.


I haven’t been playing very long, but as of right now I’m on level seven. When you first start out with the game you’ll be able to pick between a girl or boy avatar and then you can change up the outfit and colors you want them to wear. One you have that all set up, you’re going to be ready to catch your Pokemon!


On your main screen you’ll see your avatar and a map of your area. You’ll see roads and land. It’s really neat to be able to see all the images on your phone as you’re walking around. Your avatar will move whenever you move. It uses your GPS on your phone to be able to see where you are.


Sometimes you’ll see some stops on your screen. The one is called a Poke Stop, and that’s the one that is close to my avatar. When it’s blue and circle is around it, you want to click on it. That means you’re near a certain spot that can get you things like Poke Balls, potions and more. You’ll spin or tap it to get the items. The gym you’ll see towards the back. They’re a lot taller then the Poke Stops. This is where teams can battle for control of real-world locations.


You’ll see on your screen if there are any Pokemon nearby. On the lower right hand of your screen you’ll see if there are Pokemon. You can tap on that and it will bring up a screen of all the Pokemon that are nearby. If there are three steps it’s usually further away, but it will end up going all the way down to no steps, which will mean you’re very close by.


Once you get close enough to a Pokemon, it will pop up on your screen. You’re going to want to click on it, and it will bring you to a screen with a Poke ball and a Pokemon. This is where you get to throw the Poke ball and try to capture the Pokemon. All you have to do is swipe the ball up and try to get the Pokemon. If you caught the Pokemon, it will say Gotcha!


One of the best Pokemon I have right now, is Shellder. This is the one that has the most CP for me right now. You just have to keep catching them and each of them usually have different CP’s.


Sometimes when you go to the Poke Stops, you’ll get eggs. With these eggs you’re able to incubate them and hatch them later. The only way you can hatch the eggs, is to walk/run. This is where it really gets you moving. You have to move around to get your eggs to hatch. You’ll see at the bottom of the eggs where it shows how far you have to walk to hatch them. All mine are either 2 or 5 km to get them to hatch.


Once you walk far enough, you’ll see your egg pop up and say oh?


Then the egg will start to hatch.


After it hatches you’ll get another Pokemon! Rhyhorn was the first egg I hatched.

What do I think about this game

I love the game. I actually loved Pokemon back when I was younger. I use to collect the Pokemon cards. I never played the game with the cards, but I only collected them. If you haven’t tried this app out yet, I would highly suggest it.


What I love about the game

One thing I really love about this game is that it gets you out and moving! My family and I will get out and start walking to find Pokemon or to hatch our eggs. It’s so much fun and it gets us all together as a family. It’s a great way for us all to get some great exercise as well. As you see from the photo above, it’s my oldest daughter, Mercades. I let her and my younger daughter, Tesla, play on my old phone. They have that phone so that they can share and play there own game. It’s a great way for them to get out there and move around and they just love it!

Do be careful of your surroundings

Please make sure to pay attention when you’re looking for Pokemon. Make sure to always know where you are and watch where you are going. I have already heard of some people walking right in to other things like poles because they’re paying more attention to their phones. Make sure to be very careful and watch where you’re going. This is very important!

You may want extra battery packs or cell phone chargers on hand

It’s true, you may want to have extra battery packs on hand if you’re going to play the game often. Your battery will die quickly. That or have a cell phone charger on hand. Usually when I’m the passenger in a car, I charge my phone all the time when I’m in the car so I can always be near 100% because I know how quick this game will drain my batter.


Don’t mess with Pokemon Go while driving

I would never mess with Pokemon Go while driving. I don’t even mess with my phone at all when I’m driving. Please don’t try to catch any Pokemon unless you’re in the passenger seat. My husband and I always help each other out on our game when we’re the ones in the passenger seat. That way we can both still get Pokemon and the one in the passenger seat isn’t driving, so they can still check it out.

Why do I think you should play this game

The biggest reason I think you should play, is because it gets you up and moving! I already mentioned this earlier. If you want more exercise and have some fun while doing it, make sure to check out Pokemon Go. I have already heard about a lot of others losing weight since starting playing the game. It’s amazing! It can be fun and entertaining to exercise too! Another reason I believe it’s great for you to play, is that it gets you together as a family. If you have kids, then you should check this game out. Many families play this game together. I see it all around every where I go. I even went out to eat not long ago and I saw a guy and his daughters playing the game together as well. It’s a great way for families to bond and have fun!

So, how many of you are already playing this game? What do you think about it? If you haven’t played the game yet, what’s stopping you from doing so?


    • Thanks! That one was hatched from the egg. My girls have been having a lot of fun playing too, especially my oldest. I let her use one of my old phones, so she can play whenever there is wifi.

    • You should really check it out! It’s a lot of fun and it’s great to get all the exercise as well as have some family fun!

    • That’s to bad! It’s a really fun game and I love that it gets you up and moving. It does have some issues right now that I’m sure they’ll work out. It got popular so quick!

  1. I love reading about how families are getting outside and how cities/restaurant/bars are planning PokemonGo events. I know I’ll never download the game and play myself, but the buzz is intriguing.

  2. I haven’t downloaded the game myself, but I do like the fact that it gets you up and moving. I just wish some people would have a little more common sense about playing. I can’t believe the number of accidents that have come from it. Aside from that though, I think it’s a great game for ALL ages.

    • I agree. I would really hope that nobody does any driving and playing at all. At least let passengers play while you drive otherwise don’t do it at all. That’s why everyone needs to really pay attention to their surroundings.

    • It’s so much fun! My kids have a lot of fun walking around looking for them. Great way for them to get some exercise too.

  3. I like the idea of a game that gets people moving around, sounds great. I haven’t tried it yet but I like the idea and now that I know a little more maybe we will check it out.

  4. It’s a fun game and it’s something that you can do with friends. I like the concept because it makes people more active despite playing for a long period of time. Although I have a few safety concerns for the little ones.

    • I completely agree. As long as everyone is paying attention to their surroundings it is a great app. I love that everyone is getting out there and being active with this.

  5. Oh this is really helpful. I don’t have any eggs yet and I haven’t been to a Pokestop or a gym yet. I need to remember to open up this game when we go out this weekend.

  6. This is such a fun game! My kids actually went and walked four miles today because of the game and it has been a great incentive to get them outside moving more.

    • You’ll have to let me know what you think. I think it’s a lot of fun and great to get outdoors and get some exercise too.

  7. I agree that the game is lots of fun for the family. Of course you must not run into the street, go into dangerous places, etc. But you shouldn’t be doing that stuff anyway! It is a way to get exercise, learn that you must work to earn things and that families can have fun together.

  8. People are going crazy over this app and it’s hard to deny why! It’s super fun and it’s a different concept, something that’s quite refreshing especially since most games are played sitting down.

  9. I feel bad for saying this, but I’ll be completely honest: I have never liked Pokemon. That’s one of the main reasons why I haven’t jumped on board with this game. However, I do understand why so many people like this game! 🙂 – HilLesha

  10. For some reason I’m highly intrigued by this. I love how active it’s getting players but I have also seen some negatives. I’m still on the fence about trying it.

  11. Our kids love this game. I just wish they could play it without being hooked up to wi-fi because they don’t all have phones with internet. I tried playing it and had the hardest time catching the Pidgey. LOL

    • I completely agree. I gave my oldest daughter my old cell phone and she can only do it with wifi. I think they need to fix that soon.

    • Right! I mean I understand they’re having some issues and people are not paying attention, but they should know to pay attention when you’re on your phone anyways.

    • I agree. It is a lot of fun and it gets you out moving. Sad that some people don’t pay attention like they should though.

  12. I don’t like location sharing all’s,so I avoid using those for safety reasons. I think is cool people are moving bit it is still con nected to a phone so I’m not a huge fan. Never really like Pokemon Mich when I was growing up. More of a mortal combat and mario bros gal.

    • That’s to bad. It’s such a fun app! It’s nice to be able to have some fun while getting some good exercise too.

  13. I have been a crazy fan of Pokemon since childhood. Having 2 kids, being a busy & restless working mom, I am controlling myself not to install this App, but I know I am not going to succeed longer! Your screenshots of the game pushes me further to go for it!

    • You really should! It’s a lot of fun and you get some great exercise while playing. Keeps the kids busy and outdoors getting exercise as well. I love it!

    • That’s only because they’re not paying attention. If everyone would pay attention to their surroundings there wouldn’t be any issues.

    • Right! I knew I was going to be hooked because it was so popular, and usually when somethings really popular, I get hooked too!

  14. I love playing Pokemon Go. At first I didn’t think that I would like it as much as I did. It’s addicting and my kids love walking around town trying to find ones to catch.

    • Same here! It’s very addicting and it’s so much fun. I love being able to see everyone out getting some exercise too.

  15. I think it is awesome that this has brought your family together and that you are all being more active. I think people, especially parents, need to teach their children to pay attention to their surroundings when playing the game and to follow the rules wherever the Pokemon things are, but overall, I am fine with this game!

    • Exactly! Everyone really needs to be careful of their surroundings. I think it’s a wonderful game for everyone to get up and be active.

  16. I will admit it, at first I was very against Pokemon Go. I even sent my husband walking home from the grocery store because he couldnt stop playing in Meijer. Yes, that really happened. But after doing a little research I think its a pretty cool concept and a great way to get the community more active.

  17. wooohoooo! yes yes pokemon GO love. I absolutely loved reading this post. It’s an awesome Pokemon GO 101 because it’s your personal experience and joy. Happy that you pointed out the driving part and having a passenger as a hunting buddy can be really fun. I love how this game has people getting out of the house, gamers who have been previously secluded to their rooms and computers are now out there every day interacting with others. It’s an amazing twist but mostly I love stories like yours about how not only you are playing it with enthusiasm but so is your husband and kids. How families are connecting again, going on actual adventures and having fun together.

    • Yes! It’s so great that families are getting together and playing this game. I have so many great benefits with this game. I love it!

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