Build & Imagine: Malia’s Beach House

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Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

Do you have children who love to build? My daughters love to build all kinds of things. As long as it involves building something, they’ll love it. With all the toys and brands out there, there are many ways kids can build. Would your kids love to build and imagine with something fun and different? I’m guessing they would love it, exactly like mine do.

Build and Imagine have magnetic construction sets that are packed with foundational STEAM learning yet are enchanting for endless hours of imaginative play. Each Build & Imagine StoryWalls play-set is made of colorfully illustrated magnetic panels that a child joins together any way they like. I was provided with one of these sets to review.


I decided to go with Malia’s Beach House. I knew that my children would love this set since it was about the beach. What I love about these is that they’re magnetic. The sets contain illustrated scenes that children can build, decorate, and use as a backdrop for imaginative play with the included dolls. My daughters love being able to build and play around with these sets.


The set came with a lot magnet accessories as well as people and building walls. The walls stick together since they’re magnetic, making it easier for kids to build. My daughters had so much fun being able to put this all together. This set includes Malia & Skyler dolls, 16 dual-sided building panels, and more than 40 magnetic accessories! It also features a swimming pool, functional door, living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, garden, floor and roof shapes, outfits, accessories, pets, and more!


The wall pieces were double-sided, so each side had something different on it. I think that the appearance had a lot to do with how much my daughters loved this set. It was definitely a beautiful set. There are so many different ways you can put all of these pieces together, which makes it so great.


My daughters were having a lot of fun with all the magnet accessories too. You’re able to stick them all over the house. It’s nice to be able to change-up the scenery however you’d like. Usually with doll houses they have to stay the way they’re, but not with these. That’s the great thing about them being magnetic.


If you have children who love doll houses or love to build and use their imaginations, then I’d recommend you check out the Build and Imagine play sets. There are a few different sets that you can choose from. They have Day at the Beach, Malia’s Beach House, Marine Rescue Center and Coastal Community Collection. I’m sure your kids will enjoy building these.

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. This is super cute! I want to get one for my friend’s daughter’s birthday. I love that it combines building and pretend play. It’s so good for their development.

    • It definitely is great for development. I hope you’re able to get one for your friends daughters b-day. I’m sure she’ll love it!

  2. I was reading a little about these the other day and was fascinated by how many structure combinations you can make. We love toys that foster ingenuity and it doesn’t hurt that this one is also so compact!

  3. This is really cute. I love that it’s magnetic, like some others have commented. My son was looking over my shoulder at this post, and mentioned that it was nice that it wasn’t stickers. This would be a great birthday gift.

    • I agree about the stickers. I’ve had sets that were stickers and they’re not that great. The magnets are so much nicer.

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