Back to School With Petsac Backpacks

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Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

Can you believe it’s almost time to get the kids back to school? I have heard that some kids have already started school. My children start in September. I still can’t believe that summer went by so fast. I’m not very ready for the kids to go back to school yet, how about you? Are you kids excited to go back to school? I have one daughter who will be starting 1st grade and the other starts preschool.


Every kid needs a backpack for school to put all the items in. There are so many great backpack designs out there. It could be hard for a child to choose a nice backpack since there are many of them. I was recently sent two of the Petsac backpacks for my daughters to review. They got to choose which ones they wanted, and they went with a cat and a dog.


The cat and dog are extremely soft. My daughters were so excited to be able to get these and use them. These are so neat because they can be used as backpacks as well as stuffed animals. Your kids are able to choose what they want to use them as.


On the back of the animals there is a zipper. This is where the backpacks are hidden inside. That way if you want to use it as just a stuffed animal, you can. Otherwise you can unzip the zipper and out will come the backpack.


When kids want to use these as a backpack, you’ll still be able to see the animals. The animals are attached to the backpacks, so they’ll never come off. When kids walk around with these around school, they’ll have their backpack and everyone will see the animals attached. It’s such a neat and cute idea!


I was surprised to see how much could actually fit in these backpacks. They may seem a bit small, but actually when you start putting things inside you have a lot of room. I think these would be great for kids that are just starting out school. Those that are in headstart or preschool would be perfect. My youngest starts Preschool this year, so this would be a wonderful backpack for her.


As you can see with the photo above, my daughters are wearing the backpacks. You can tell that they’re a decent size backpack. I took this photo without anything inside the backpacks, but if you did put something inside there they would definitely fill out more evenly. It’s actually a full size of 14” and boasts 770 cubic inches of storage space.


My daughters are so happy with their new backpacks. They’re excited to use them for school too! If you have kids that are in need of a backpack, check out the Petsac backpacks. They have a wide variety of backpacks to choose from. Each backpack is only $19.99, so they’re very affordable as well as fashionable.

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 


  1. Those stuffed animal/backpacks are just adorable. They would be great for kids going to daycare too so they can have their stuffed animal with them during the day as well as their necessities.

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