First Week on Nutrisystem

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Disclosure: I am receiving Nutrisystem in exchange for blogging about my weight loss journey. All of the opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

As many of you may know by now, I started with Nutrisystem. I have officially finished my first week with them. I didn’t start Nutrisystem to lose any weight, but I wanted to continue to maintain my current weight, learn how to eat healthy and learn more about portions. I also am often tired and don’t have much energy. This was a huge part of why I began with Nutrisystem. I can honestly say that I’m already feeling more energized throughout the day. In my first week I have already learned so much. I was never sure about portions, and I now know a lot more about portion sizes. For vegetables I’m able to eat 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked for a serving.

In the first week I had done what was called the Turbo Takeoff. This is a program that helps you start with your weight loss. I was given seven days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, Turbo Shakes and NutriCrush Shakes. My days started off by eating one of the breakfast entrees, then a snack was the Turbo Shake, then the lunch entree, a NutriCrush Shake for a snack and then a dinner entree. I also had 4 servings of vegetables in between everything.


It was a bit difficult adjusting to this new diet at first, but after the first day it got a lot easier. I’m not usually a fan of shakes like they had me drink, but after having them for the second time, I started enjoying them a lot. I guess when they say you’ll get use to something after having it for a while is definitely true. I certainly started enjoying them after the second day. All of the food was actually very good too. I found a couple entrees that I wasn’t to fond of, but that happens with most diets. Other than that, everything was absolutely amazing! I would have to say that the cheese tortellini was my absolute favorite meal that I tried.

When I first started with Nutrisystem a week ago my weight was 118. Like I already mentioned, I’m not looking to lose weight, but I’ll still mention my weight each week. This week ends with me at the weight of 115.





I hope that you’ll continue to follow my journey. I’ll be writing up a post once a week, so make sure to come back to read more! You can also check out all my social media pages to see some photos that I post throughout the day. I love posting photos of some of the meals I eat from Nutrisystem. You can find my social media pages on my home page of my blog.

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Disclosure: I am receiving Nutrisystem in exchange for blogging about my weight loss journey. All of the opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.


  1. I know everyone wants to lose some weight but sticking to a rigid diet and exercise program sometimes do not fit into our regular daily schedules. I will try to see if Nutrisystem would be a better option. I do not need to lose a lot of weight. I just need to maintain my current weight and choose healthier options. Thanks for keeping us updated on your journey.

    • You’re welcome. I’m the same way! I don’t need to lose weight either, but I’m trying Nutrisystem to maintain my weight and learn to eat healthier.

  2. Wow. I know most packaged food like this doesn’t ever look like what is on the box, but I am slightly disgusted at the way some of these look. For the price of the program I would expect it to be presented a little more nicely.

    • I’m really surprised that you think so. I personally think it all looks amazing. May I ask what exactly you find that doesn’t appeal to you?

  3. This sounds like a great option for many, myself included. I’ve got 7 pounds that is quickly going to turn into 10 if I don’t start getting outdoors more in the winter months. I wonder if it would benefit me to try it.

    • I’m sure it would be great for you! I’m not looking to lose much weight at all. In fact I’m in it to be healthy and maintain my weight. I lost three pounds anyways in the first week. It’s amazing!

  4. Love this. I’ve tried so many restrictive, rigid, diets and the only result is that my relationship with food has suffered. I’m so much better off eating yummy stuff like this in balance with my activity.

    • I take it you haven’t tried Nutrisystem yet? They have such great food! I even had an ice cream sandwich the other day! Lots of amazing foods you can still eat.

  5. Nutrisystem can be a good learning tool for those who stick to the program and go through maintenance. I have seen a lot of people use it for weight loss and then quit, thinking they can do the next phase on their own and they end up gaining the weight back.

  6. What type of meals are they? Do they contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives? I’ve heard of a lot of people having success with this programs but I only want to eat all natural foods.

  7. Great share! I bet there are many others who are looking forward to read about your first-hand experience with trying out Nutrisystem. I think most of them are new mothers who just gave birth and want to lose weight fast.

    • The food is really good! I’m very surprised at how good these meals are. So far there were only two that I didn’t completely like but they were alright. It’s amazing how much of this actually tastes great!

  8. I have had the Nutrisystem before and I really enjoyed the food! The shakes were my favorite part because I’ve done shakes for breakfasts for a while so it was great to continue to do it. The food that I don’t like I usually give to my mum to eat LOL. I’m jealous enjoy girl!

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